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7 High Authority Backlinks and How To Get Them

7 Powerful High Authority Backlinks For Your Money Site 

And How To Go About Getting Them

Authority Links Are Indespensible For Ranking.

It's no secret that backlinks are, and will continue to be, the single strongest ranking signal used by Google and Bing in their search algorithms.  This has been true since the search giants first came on to the scene in the late 1990s.

What has changed between then and now, is that unlike pre-2007 eara, backlinks are no longer considered equal in determining ranking positions, relevancy and strength. 

With the various fauna-themed updates that rolled out between 2007 and now - including such imfamous and game changing updates as Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, the major search engines have become increasingly astute in their assessment of sites and their value, and their methods have become sophisticated beyond most people's comprehension.

One thing is for sure, Google can tell a quality site from a low quality site algorithmically. And quite easily. For that reason, it is able to devalue or even penalize links from low quality sites, and reward those from high quality sites.

It is widely perceived, although Google doesn't specifically confirm or deny this, that the penalty for low quality links carries exponentially more weight per link than do the benefits per link for high quality backlinks.

Therefore, it is imperative that we gain as many high quality authoritative backlinks as possible, and steer far clear of the "questionable" or low quality backlinks.


Here are 7 examples of high quality backlinks from authority sites and how to go about getting them for your money site:

1)  Creative Commons  -  DA 95 PA 86

This series needs to start off with a bang. Kicking off this list, as the first link in the first of many upcoming authority linking tutorial lists is

Creative Commons is the content usaging licence that is most widely used by netneutural content sites all over the web. A link from them is a low-key powerhouse. I have witnessed sites jump from an Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating) of 0.3 to DR 30 with the only difference being this link being discovered. This is true as recently as January of 2021 (earlier the same month of this post).


Copy this URL:

Replace “CHANGE+THIS” with your site’s description.

Replace URL “https://YOURURL.COM” with your web URL.

Blast the URL with a link indexing tool. post on indexed and regularly crawled Web 2.0's and in blog comments, or get a GSA blast to it.

2) IMDB  DA 99 PA 47

Links from IMDB are also quite valuable, especially depending on your nice. However, this is still true for all sites, as it is one of those "unicorn links" as I like to call them, which have universal relevancy. These ones don't pack QUITE as much of a punch as #1 on this list, largely because more sites have links from IMDB than they do Creative Commons, so it's perceived to be less "rare" - but it moves the needle nonetheless.


Go to

Click “Sign In”.

Click on “Create a New Account”.

Enter details and click “Create your IMDB account”.

Validate your email.

Next, click in "Edit Profile"

Add web URL in the Bio section using the format: [link=]Anchor-Text[/link]
Click “Save description”.

3) The Verge:   DA 93 PA 42

To the uninitiated, is an interet news publication that tends to cover the more "edgy" topics surrounding The internet in general and the Tech community. 

They are the publication who is not afraid to publish a 5000+ word post detailing the results of the most popular pornhub searches for the year broken down by region, an article on the backlash against the RobinHood App for their restrictions on purchases of GameStop stock, and an exposee on straight men who watch gay porn based on the results of an anonymous study - all in the same day. 

Pretty awesome people and awseome link to match. It's pretty straight forward, it's a profile link and it will look something like this:

4) Pintrest        DA   94   PA  53

Claiming your site on Pintrest is a stupidly simple way to get a powerful backlink which, if you post a few really good images and optimize them, can also yield tons of referral traffic.

To get this link, simply go to

Click on "Sign Up"

Fill out the information, and validate your email address

Login to Pintrest, go to the drop down menu with the various settings and options, and select "claim" to claim your website. 

Enter your website URL,  and you will be provided with an HTML validation code to place in the <head> section of your site right before the </head>, or if you are using WordPress with Yoast or RankMath, you can copy the validation number within the code and enter it in the field for "pintrest validation" on whichever of those plugins you use, or you can configure it by DNS. Optionally, you may upload a file to the root folder of your site.

Once you decide on your method of validation and complete that step, return to the "claim" form for your website and click "validate". Once validated, click on "get the benefits of Business" and convert your site to a pintrest Business website

Fill out your profile entirely.

It will look something like this:

5)     DA 93    PA  44

Sign up as an "Artist" and fill out the info for your "album". HTML is allowed in the album description. This is where you place your links.

You can optionally choose any dollar amount to "charge" for your "album" but I recommend "free". I also recommend under "genre" choosing "spoken word".

Here is what your profile will look like, with the above metrics:

6)      DA 87    PA 66 is a URL shortner that packs a much stronger punch than most of it's rivals. For this bad boy, simply enter your url in the field provided, and copy the resulting link

Feed this link through a few free pinging sites (pingler, indexkings) and your favorite link indexing service. Also, posting this lin on a web 2.0, regularly crawled wiki, or within a blog comment - or simply sharing this on Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook (depending on the content of the destination link) could further help it index faster.

You will be pleased to know that this service is entirely ad-free as well, so no annoyance factor is involved.

7) DA 96 PA 84

Last but NOT least is W3C  also known as https//

This is among the oldest HTML related website validation authorities on the internet, and with such credentials come great authority.

Curiously, it is NOT among the most common backlinks among site owners, skewing the amount of referring domains (inbound links) to an exponentially higher number than linking domains (outbound links) making this link particularly potent.

Simply go to

Create a profile, fill it out, and save. Voilla, there is your 7th powerful link :-) 

Do not forget to run these through your favorite/most trusted link indexing service, post them on social media and an indexed web 2.0 site, and within a comment or two, as links can only benefit you if they are found, crawled and indexed. Sometimes that process needs a helping hand :-)

Stay tuned  for my next list of authority links that will boost your metrics and your rankings!


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